After Christmas Sewing

I love each time of year for a different reason. This is the time I like to orgainze things, get spring cleaning done so there is more time for gardening in the spring and SEW.

I received a beautiful sweater set from my in-laws for Christmas and of course, I needed something new to wear with it. In the stash I had this piece of upholstery fabric that I wanted to make into a vest. Thank goodness there is enough for a skirt and vest.

I made the straight skirt with no pattern. Using my measurements and the "fit while you sew in your underwear" method.
This works when no-one else in home.
I added a cute kick pleat in the back.


Laura said…
You are amazing. I was given your blog address and admire all the neat things you do!!! Canning, gardening, sewing, making your own bread, soap...You are my hero! :)

I emailed you through TJEd awhile back, since I live nearby, and I know I'm going to have to meet you soon. You are awesome.

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