December 2008....Bbuuurrrrr

We had a storm hit here last night with very low tempatures into the 20's and 4 inches of snow.

This is very rare for us. At this moment it is below 20'.
The snow is so dry and it has been windy with the snow swirling and blowing. It's so beautiful!
This is the garden with the kale and salad greens covered.


GardenGoose said…
hope all is going well with you and yours..wanted to stop by and wish you all a Merry Christmas!
have a great one!
hugs, Tina

p.s. oh..please do stop by my new blog all about gardening:
Melonie said…
Just wanted to stop by and thank you for "following" my blog. :-) Love your snow pictures. It just figures - I move to a subtropical area and WA gets loads of snow! lol

At least I can live vicariously through all the folk who are getting it. *sigh*

Best wishes for 2009!

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