FREE Garden Seeds

Someone, I can't remember who, shared this link with me for FREE tomato seeds.

I sent a self addressed, 2 stamped envelope and this is what they sent me:
-You Can Learn to Save Your Own Tomato Seeds brochure.
Tomato SEEDS:
-Lil Pink Tomato
-Early Ssubakus Aliana
-Green Zebra
-Huang Se Cheih "Moon Yellow"
-Volvrad Tomato
-Early Kus Ali
And: May Queen Lettuce and Fordhook Lima Bush Bean seeds.
They have lists of seeds on line that you can choose from. I just told them that I live in the Puget Sound of Washington. What a treat to have all of these to try next year!!!


GardenGoose said…
that would have been moi :0) that shared the link both on my blog and on the farm gal site:0) so glad you got your seeds!

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