~Upcoming Classes~

Quick & Easy Herbal Gifts $35
November 6th 7 to 9 pm
How about something beautifully scented, or delicious and fun to make for you holiday gifts? This class is full of wonderful ideas that you can make.

Soap Making $35
November 15th 1 to 3:30 pm
Learn to make real soap with easy to acquire ingredients.
We will be making at least two kinds and experiencing soap making step-by-step. You will go home with more than three bars of soap.

Relax and Release Stress $35
December 4th 7 to 9 pm
What to soothe away those unwanted worries? Experience stress release that you can apply to your hectic life. We will use aromatherapy, herbal and health based mind/body techniques. Come comfortably dressed and gain applicable knowledge.

2009 Classes
- Joyful Empowerment Series
Learn to live a lower stress life, with more focus and JOY!

- Easy Whole Grain Bread Baking
Not just for your Grandma, practical for today and yummy!

- And More …

For questions & registration contact:
Kristine Farley, MRET & Wellness Coach
kristinef@clearwire.net 253-359-7029

All classes subject to cancellation without minimum registration.


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