Salsa and Peaches, not Peach Salsa....

but that might tastes good and definetly be interesting. Maybe like mango salsa?

We finished up the last batch of salsa. Oh, my, we did 18 pints and 14 quarts. I hope that's enough to last till next year. Jacob can eat a pint at one sitting with a bag of chips.

We bought 10 boxes of peaches on Laterial A in Yakima area for $10 per box.
Each box weighed at least 26 lbs. We only bought 1 box of sweet necterines for $8 and sure wish we had bought more because they were sooooo good!

Then we canned peaches. Jacob and Emily were great at filling 99 jars!

We also filled the dehydrator full. Oh, they are so good too.
They are hidden in the pantry for a cold winter day's treat.

The kids are already asking when can they eat the canned peaches.

We can peaches with a VERY light syrup of 1 cup sugar to 8 cups of water. They are processed in the steamer canner for
30 minutes.

Amazing, all those empty boxes...

Amy made 2 beautiful Peach Blackberry Pies for us that day after she got home from work.
She works as a nanny and had made a Blackberry Pie for them with shortening in the crust.
She wanted to make it at home with the lard we had rendered to see the difference. Even with the same recipe the pie crust made with lard was flakier and tasted better.


Teresa said…
Just now reading this ...Peach Salsa is Awesome! I picked some up at a roadside stand north of Atlanta and it is fantastic! Sort of like mango, but peachy, of course. But I'm sure there are more peaches than mangoes in North Georgia...
I'm gonna try some next year. My second batch of salsa this year was made from big tomatoes rather than Romas, and I ended up adding too much sugar, so it's a bit sweet, but good with chicken and such.
Experiments are always fun.
craftychick said…
Everything looks so great!!!GOSH we have 3 dehydrators here and I have never done tomatoes!! guess it is time. We made mango peach salsa this summer for our local market and sold most all of what we took it was very very good with chicken and fish. You really need cilantro and lime juice to make the flavors more intense.
Enjoy your hard work this winter!!

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