End of October Activites

The table on the porch is full of these beautiful pumpkins, gords and squashes. Some we grew and the others came from our son's in-laws place in Chelias. They have HUGE, awesome garden and are very generous.

Last night we had pumpkin cake. I'll have to work out the recipe because I made it by "feel".
It was made of baked pumpkin, whole wheat flour, lots of spices and had dried figs in it.
So moist & yummy!!!

Today I planted garlic on the north end of one of the large raised beds. I bought the garlic at the local fruit stand. Maybe next year I'll order some hard stem varieties. You can see what the bed looked like before...

I placed the cloves about 4 inches apart and pushed about an inch into the ground.
Now to hope till spring that they will grow. :)

This is the last of tomatoes that we have inside ripening.
We are using them as they get ripe in our salads or with cottage cheese.

I love the pictures of produce!
They are beautiful and give me hope
that we will have more next summer.


GardenGoose said…
lovely pumpkins and gourds..and love all those tomatoes!
hope you are having a great week!
hugs, Tina
Kristine said…
Thanks, Tina.
You too!
liggy girl said…
Ooo garlic. Love the stuff, I believe it is so powerful that we take it for granted. Good health!

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