Canning and Flat-Top Stoves

On September 9th I taught a Food Preservation Classe. In the class we discussed flat top stoves and how they are NOT meant for canning.

But I thought, I'd just boil the lids on it.....Well, a flat top stove CAN become a FORGE. We forged metal on top of it that day. My favorite, 2 quart sauce pan, the kind with the double thick bottom...split open and poured out it's melted contents.

I quickly used a metal spatula and tried to scoop it up into the trash. The remaining liquid metal cooled making crackling noises and mostly lifted up off the flat-top. It pitted the top, but thank goodness, it still works.

A very cool science experiment.

One that I wouldn't reccommend to others.
Be safe and sane, don't can on a flat-top stove.

PS - We once made a mini forge while camping. That was so cool and our oldest son hammered out a wonderful hook for lifting the lids off the dutch ovens.


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emily :) said…
When I sat in your class last month, I thought, it might be okay, perhaps I could try canning on my flat-top stove, a lot of people were on the fence with this subject. Now, I have seriously reconsidered!! Thank you for the warning!! :)

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