September 8th, 2008 ~ Trip to Yakima

We went to Yakima to get produce today. It is one of our favorite drives. We go on Hwy. 410 over Chinook Pass, Mt. Rainer. Our rest stop was along the Little Naches River.

Then onto Mary's Pride Fruit Stand in Wapato and bought 10 boxes peaches for $8 - 26 lbs., 1 box nectarines 26 lbs for $6 (should have gotten 3 more to eat and dry).

The kids learned that picking produce is not going to be a vocation of their choice.

We found U-Pick tomatoes at for $.30 lb. and pepper & eggplants for $.50 lb. at Duydagan's Fruit Stand in Wapato. At Imperial's we bought 50 lbs. of onions, freshly picked corn and beautiful melons.

We were not able to get any pears for under $10 a box. Most of the farms were sold out. Next year we will plan our trip to Yakima the wed. or thurs. before Labor Day.

Apples are just starting to be havested and I really like Jonigold. They aren't ready yet.

For dinner tonight we had fresh corn and BLT's. Heavy on the T's. Oh so yummy!!!


GardenGoose said…
have added your blog to the list of participants in the seed exchange. we haven't had very many sign up..but there are a few of us at least to swap with.thanks for joining in.

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