Great Blog Land Seed Exchange!

Seed that I have to Exchange:
-Bronze Fennel
-Petite Marigold
-Mixed Summer Squash
-Round Carrots (coming soon, still on the plant)
-Mustard Greens, mixed

Wish List of Seeds:
-Heirloom Tomatoes
-Salad Greens
-Swiss Chard
-Perrenial Vegetables

Contact to participate in the swap


GardenGoose said…
stop by and check out my seed list. I mostly have flowers, but there may be something you want there. I'd love a packet of the bronze fennel. if you have any to spare. see what you'd like from my list.
sadly don't have any of the veggies you are looking for though.
Auntie Li said…

How about swapping your calendula for some of my tomatoes, or perhaps even broccoli? Check out my list and let me know in a comment! :)

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