Garden Beds & Experiments

This is our 2nd year with official raised beds. I LOVE them. So much easier on my body. In years past we have had wide hoed up beds with no sides. They don't begin to compare.

As you can see the beds hold alot of food. The 1st bed has cucumbers, 2 kales, broccili, salad greens, cabbage, cilantro, Egyptian onions.

The smaller one is higher and we added sand to it for root vegetables. This year we planted leeks and they are doing great. I am going to add more soil around them to blanch them more for some good fall/winter eating.

We are really trying to grow more of a "year round" garden. Between the basil (a 4X8') bed all to its self. I planted turnips and rutabagus in between the basil. In the next week or so I'll be planted purple over-wintering broccili (Last year we were eating it in April.), more salad greens, late crop of snap peas and more chard.

Tomatillo's grow here in Bonney Lake, WA. This is year 2 of growing them. We started them from seed at the same time the tomato plants went into the ground (after Mother's day). We love green salsa and enchilada sauce.

Amarath is our experimental grain for the year. It is so beautiful. I'm looking forward to cooking with it.


Anderson Family said…
Really enjoyed reading your updates! I'm sure I'll be checking it quite a bit! :)

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